About Us

Guildford Jazz was originally started in 1982 by Heather and Colin Tipton, when it was called Jazz at the Stoke, named after the Stoke Hotel where there were monthly gigs until 1988. From there it moved to the old Civic Hall in Guildford, and then to the  newly built Electric Theatre where it continued to run a successful programme of live jazz gigs until 2008.

The Guildford Jazz name was revived in 2012 by local bass player Marianne Windham who set up a monthly jazz night at the Freeholders pub in nearby Farncombe until the pub changed hands in the Spring of 2014. The club then moved to the Pavilion of the Guildford Rugby Club, and the club continues to go from strength to strength at this very popular venue. At the end of 2012 the Electric Theatre also asked Marianne to help them also put on a monthly Jazz Cafe night, and Guildford Jazz was reborn.

Currently running monthly nights on Tuesdays at the Jazz Cafe, and on Wednesdays at the Pavilion, Guildford Jazz aims to bring the best in contemporary jazz from some of the finest jazz musicians in Britain to a local audience, in an intimate and welcoming environment. We also organise pre-gig jazz improvisation workshops run by the guest musicians, for local musicians who would like to extend their own playing.

Guildford Jazz is now run by a small committee who, along with other some other wonderful volunteers, help to make it all happen. We are always very glad of any extra help so please feel free to contact us if you’d like to be involved. Huge thanks too to Hannah of Green Key Communications and Sarah Hawker at  www.seeingitdifferently.co.uk  for their help with publicity and marketing.

We also provide musicians for private parties or functions. Please contact us here with details of your event and we will be happy to help.

Below are the guests we have had the pleasure of inviting to Guildford in the last 5 years:



Vasilis Xenopoulos and Nigel Price with Steve Brown at the Pavilion

Ken Peplowski with Craig Milverton and Nick Millward at the Jazz Cafe


Lee Goodall with David Beebee and Alex Eberhard at the Jazz Cafe

Jazz in the Park with Joanna Eden, Chris Ingham, Paul Higgs and George Double


Mark Armstrong Quintet at the Pavilion

Fini Bearman with Tom Cawley and Dave Hamblett at the Jazz Cafe

Wood Street Jazz Festival with Byron Wallen, Tony Kofi, Leon Greening and Nat Steele, and Jacqui Hicks


Moscow Drug Club at the Pavilion

Martin Shaw with Dave Newton and Sebastiaan de Krom at the Jazz Cafe


Nigel Price with Emiliano Caroselli and Marianne Windham at the Pavilion

Jo Fooks with John Harriman and Buster Birch at the Jazz Cafe


Dave and Judith O’Higgins with David Beebee and Alex Eberhard at the Pavilion

Pete Oxley and Nicolas Meier with Paul Cavaciuti at the Jazz Cafe


Derek Nash with Graham Harvey and Clark Tracey at the Pavilion

Sarah Dowling with Gabriel Latchin and Steve Brown at the Jazz Cafe


Art Themen with Robin Aspland and Trevor Tomkins at the Pavilion

Chris Ingham’s Dudley Moore tribute with Paul Higgs (trumpet) and George Double (drums) at the Jazz Cafe


Loire Funk All Stars at the Pavilion

Geoff Simkins with Gareth Williams and Nat Steele at the Jazz Cafe



Alan Barnes with David Beebee and Nat Steele at the Jazz Cafe


Bryon Wallen with Simon Cook and Martin Pyne at the Pavilion

Alex and Tom Ridout with Mark Ridout and Martin Pyne at the Jazz Cafe


Phil Hopkins tribute to Toots with Jonathan Gee and Martin France at the Pavilion

Sarah Moule at the Jazz Cafe


Mark Crooks with Colin Oxley, Gabriel Latchin, Matt Skelton at the Pavilion (Photos)

Steve Waterman with Anthony Kerr at the Jazz Cafe (photos)


Duncan Lamont Senior and Junior with John Pearce, Dave May and Jenny Howe at the Jazz Cafe (photos)

Digby Fairweather and Julian Marc Stringle with David Beebee and Martin Pyne , and the George Abbott School Big Band, at Jazz at the Park in Loseley Park (photos)


Mark Bassey and Karen Sharp with Steve Brown and Robin Aspland, Melissa James, and the Somethin’ Else Big Band, at the 2016 Wood Street Jazz Festival (photosphotos)

Georgia Mancio with Colin Oxley at the Jazz Cafe

Jeanette Mason with Sam Mayne and Matt Skelton at the Pavilion (photos)


Simon Allen with Gareth Williams and Simon Price at the Jazz Cafe

Georgina Jackson with Chris Ingham and George Double at the Pavilion

Andy Panayi and Mark Nightingale with Terence Collie and Alex Eberhard (May)

Karen Street Quartet (May)

Clark Tracey Quintet (April)

Simon Spillett with Rick Simpson and Spike Wells (April)

Karen Sharp with Mark Ridout and Martin Pyne

Tina May with Nikki Iles and Steve Brown (Guildford Spring Music Festival, March)

Alan Barnes with Russell Jarrett and Martin Pyne (March)

Dave O’Higgins with John Elliott and Alex Eberhard (February)

Mark Lockheart with Sam Leak and Martin France (February)

Laura Zakian with Steve Lodder, Simon Thorpe and Martin Pyne (January)

Latin Night with Mark Nightingale, Martin Shaw, Rob Barron, Flo Moore and Tristan Mailliot (January)


Mark Bassey with David Beebee and Noel Joyce (December)

Art Themen with Robin Aspland and Martin Pyne (November)

Andy Cleyndert Quartet (November)

Brigitte Beraha with Gareth Williams and Martin Pyne (October)

Robert Fowler with Mark Ridout and Steve Brown (October)

Matt Wates Sextet (September)

Martin Speak with Mike Outram and Jeff Wiliams (September)

The Session (August)

Alan Barnes with Liam Noble and Paul Clarvis (July)

Chris Batchelor with Gareth Williams and Clark Tracey (June)

Alex Garnett with Mike Gorman and Trsitan Mailliot (May)

Trudy Kerr with Andrea Vicari and Sebastiaan De Krom  (May)

Mark Nightingale Quintet (April)

Jo Fooks with Dominic Ashworth and Buster Birch (April)

Paul Booth with Mike Gorman, Andy Cleyndert and Matt Skelton (March)

Tim Whitehead Quartet (March)

Steve Waterman Big Band (March)

Karen Sharp with Mark Rideout and Steve Brown (February)

Jimmy Hastings with John Horler and Trevor Tomkins (February)

Vasilis Xenopoulos/Steve Fishwick Quintet (January)

Laura Zakian with Steve Lodder and Martin Pyne (January)


Alison Rayner Quintet (December)

Julian Arguelles Quartet (November)

Martin Shaw with Robin Aspland and Sebastiaan de Krom (October)

Alan Barnes and Tony Kofi with John Turville and Rod Youngs (Sept)

Anita Wardell with Robin Aspland and Steve Brown (Sept)

Jim Mullen with Cheryl King, Matt Skelton and Martin Pyne (August)

Vasilis Xenopoulos with Nigel Price and Josh Morrison (July)

Iain Ballamy with Kit Downes, Conor Chaplin and Tim Giles (July)

John Etheridge with Asaf Sirkis (June)

Julian Costello with David Beebee and Milo Fell (June)

Mark Crooks with Colin Oxley and Matt Skelton (May)

Chris Biscoe with Kate Williams and Stu Butterfield (May)

Jacqui Hicks with Martin Shaw, John Elliott and Tristan Mailliot (April)

Geoff Simkins with Gareth Williams, Martin France (April)

Steve Waterman with John Donaldson, Spike Wells (March)

Tim Whitehead, with John Turville, Winston Clifford (February)

Art Themen with Cheryl King, Martin Pyne (February)

Tony Kofi, with Rod Youngs, Cheryl King (January)

Laura Jurd with Andrea Vicari (January)


Dave O’Higgins, Gareth Lockrane with Mike Gorman, Tristan Mailliot (December)

Carlos Lopez-Real with Justin Quinn, Martin Pyne (December)

Alan Barnes, Bruce Adams, with Dave Newton, Matt Home and Cheryl King (November)

Benn Clatworthy with John Donaldson, Matt Home (November)

Allison Neale with Colin Oxley, Steve Brown (November)

Mornington Lockett with John Critchinson, Dave Barry (October)

Simon Allen  with John Dickson, George Hart(October)

Jim Mullen Organ Trio (September)

Georgia Mancio with Nigel Price, Julie Walkington (September)

Vasilis Xenopoulos with Nigel Price, Rod Youngs (July)

Iain Ballamy with Gareth Williams, Martin France (June)

Karen Sharp with Dominic Ashworth, Buster Birch (June)

Mark Lockheart with Malcolm Edmonstone, Paul Clarvis (May)

Martin Shaw with Chris Allard, Martin Pyne (May)

Anita Wardell with Robin Aspland, Olly Hayhurst, Tristan Mailliot (April)

Tony Woods with Martin Pyne, Trevor Davies (April)

Mark Nightingale with John Elliott, Chris Wilcox (March)

Simon Allen, Quentin Collins with John Dickson, Seb Guard (March)

Brigitte Beraha with Ross Stanley, Martin Pyne, Cheryl King (February)

Bobby Wellins with Barry Green, Andy Cleyndert, Dave Wickins (February)

Dave O’Higgins with John Elliott, Rod Youngs (January)

Gareth Lockrane with Gabriel Latchin, Paul Clarvis (January)


Alan Barnes, Art Themen with John Donaldson, Matt Home (December)

Henry Armburg-Jennings with Leon Greening, Steve Brown (November)

Jim Hart with Cheryl King, Jon Scott (October)

Alex Garnett with Robin Aspland, Josh Morrison (Sept)

Martin Shaw with John Elliott, Dave Ingamells (July)

Jim Mullen with Mike Gorman, Noel Joyce (June)

Art Themen with Paul Clarvis, Malcolm Edmonstone (May)

Anita Wardell with Robin Aspland, Tristan Mailliot (April)

Alan Barnes with Dave Newton, Jon Scott (March)

Gareth Lockrane with John Elliott, Dave Ingemalls (February)

Simon Allen with Barry Green, Jon Scott (January)


Vasilis Xenopoulos with Nigel Price, Noel Joyce (December)

Abram Wilson (November)

Dave Newton (October)

Stan Sulzmann with John Elliott, Dave Ingamells (September)

Henry Lowther (July)

Matt Wates (June)

Nigel Price (May)

Vasilis Xenopoulos (April)

Mark Nightingale with Caroline Cooper, Tom Fyfe  (March)


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